Wet Rooms

bathroom tiling
If you have wanted to transform your current bathroom into a wet room or to build one, then it is always possible when you hire us as your renovator. Here at Hull Bathroom Renovations, we guarantee to give you nothing but top-quality supplies and services without robbing a bank.

Our company values and respects your finances and time. On our end, we make sure that you get what you really deserve through our honest services and prices. Also, we have our professionals who are ready to assist you design and build your very own wet room. To say the least, you will get back what you paid for, and you don’t even have to worry about anything.

For every project, you must keep in mind the following:


a wet room project is never complete without this. This part is the most important part, because the safety and convenience of you and your family depends on the success of waterproofing. Since it doesn’t have any enclosures, the space is waterproofed. This will give you more room for other fittings and fixtures.


our pros suggest that the location of the drain should be away from the door to avoid the water from overflowing and bringing about trouble. Our bathroom renovators can come up with the plan incorporating cost-effective options and solutions.


before choosing supplies and accessories, only choose those that have resistance features against mould, moisture and leaks such as non-porous materials. With these materials, you will no longer have to trouble yourself with the unnecessary costs for repairs and other damages.
For all your wet room design and installation needs around Hull, call us now!